David Allen was born in 1972 in Englewood, Colorado. When he was 3, his parents moved to Parker where he lived until he was 7. Due to a change in work, his father relocated the family to Bellevue Washington where David lived for nearly 15 years. Since then, he has lived in Atlanta Georgia, Kailua-Kona Hawaii, Tokyo Japan, Sedona Arizona, Phoenix Arizona, Boulder Colorado, and Irvine California. David’s primary background is in creative design, software engineering & development, and executive business management. His hobbies include writing short stories and scripts, which he has been doing since he was 11 years old.

David’s father worked for Control Data Corporation (CDC) which gave David the unique opportunity to access the PLATO network, the birthplace of online gaming. Throughout the 80’s David was fortunate enough to play historic PLATO titles such as Avatar, Empire, Journey, Wilderness, Drygulch, Labyrinth, Angband, and other online games that defined an upcoming industry.

David is known for his software creations such as Mordor, Demise, Horizons, and Alganon. He also became a published author in 1996 when he wrote his first book “The Visual Basic 4 Network Gaming Adventure Set”, published by the Coriolis Group.

In 2002, David started a new company called “Pharaoh Productions” but was unable to secure funding for his hybrid MMOG game known as DOMINION. In 2004 he decided to take a position with a software company in Irvine, CA as CTO.

In mid-2005 David relocated to Arizona, and in January of 2006, co-founded a new company called Quest Online which was the first true virtual MMOG company in the industry to produce a commercial-grade product. ALGANON (http://www.alganon.com) shipped in December of 2009.