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Most are unaware the inspiration I had for creating what became Alganon was a story I wrote back in August of 2005 called  Zuran. A fantasy tale of adventure, horror, gods, magic and the fight between good vs. evil. Zuran is the longest story I have written so far weighing in at more than 200 pages. If you like raw fantasy, you will enjoy Zuran!

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  1. Øyvind H. says:

    Hi David 🙂

    I’m a now 30 year old fan from back in the 90s, when Mordor II gave me some of my most enjoyable early gaming moments. I kept coming back to that big free version (10 levels) for years and years, and though its been a few years since I played it last the game still intrigues me enough to lead me to this page today.

    Currently I am edging my way into the industry myself, I’ve been the game producer/director for the most popular norwegian kids game for about 1,5 years now. The game is being phased out now though, it was never meant to live for years, so I am looking at other assignments. I might take up flash game development (and would in that case love to give a Mordor clone a shot 😉 ) or I might do some tv/web-work and concentrate my creativity on writing instead.

    I got a blog similar to this one, although slightly less polished, so feel free to check it out when you got the time. It’s listed as my website for this comment.

    What I really came here to say though is that you should revise your links on this page. Finding the actual stories is a bit messy since both the headlines and images are clickable, but take you elsewhere. At least the images should take you to the story, while the headlines could be used to highlight commentaries as they do now.

    Best of luck with your current and future projects, you certainly were one of my big teenage inspirations 🙂

    • David Allen says:

      Øyvind, thanks a ton for your feedback! I also appreciate the information – I’ll update the links of the images to reflect the stories right now.

      I loved making Mordor and Demise, and it’s always a pleasure to meet people who played them “growing up”. Thank you for your kind words.

      Out of curiosity, how did you find Storybag? I’m currently looking into how I can increase my visibility.

      • Øyvind H. says:

        I found Storybag by searching for mordor “darkness awakening” and some other stuff in google, then going to your wikipedia-page, so I dont think you’ll get a lot out of that 😉

        Your wiki is nice and informative, but I see that it doesnt show up so easily when I test search for it in google :/

        Afraid I got no real tips for you either. I mainly use Facebook and an app there that links my blog to my page, so whenever I publish something its broadcast to everyone I know… still, that’s no big crowd so I guess I plan to use the blog mostly as an online portfolio.

        Got about 200 short texts offline and only 6-7 in the blog tho, so I dunno… I dont think blogging will ever be a source of income for me at least 😉

  2. Øyvind H. says:

    Oh, and if/when I get around to reading Zuran and playing Alganon I’ll be sure to leave a short review 🙂

    • David Allen says:

      Thanks! While Zuran served as the “inspiration” you won’t find many commonalities between the actual game and the story. The main aspect is the existence of “Gods” and how they interacted with the people of the world. I was actually going to take Zuran to a whole other level, showing the deities, their worlds and how they made decisions, but didn’t want the story to turn into a huge novel, so a lot of Zuran is still in my mind yet what was written does reflect some of the base of what became Alganon. Overall I would say the “mindset” I put myself into while writing Zuran is what really influenced me to create Crusade (which was later renamed to Alganon).

      • Øyvind H. says:

        Ye, I noticed after visiting that you were off the Alganon-project anyways. The game itself looks nice, with some good ideas baked into it, but what especially interested me was the background story about how you made it; the virtual company and such. I hope the industry sees more of that in the future.

        Having a family and a kid in Norway (a country with zero big developers) makes it hard to relocate, so if I ever want to get into “real” game development I guess one of my hopes lies in such virtual projects becoming more commonplace.

        I currently work for NRK, the largest broadcaster in Norway. This past year we did a television-computer game-hybrid that was kinda cool, with a virtual 3D tv studio, a real host, and a virtual co-host that also follow the players around in the game. Got to try a lot of new things that I havent seen elsewhere, so that was good fun. Despite being hugely successful (75% ratings etc) we were pulled after 2 seasons tho, NRK – as a public broadcaster – are very sketchy about getting involved with the scary world of computer games so they thought it best to take it off while “evaluating” their options.

        Which leaves me having to look at my options as well. I got a job of couse, just not sure what to do with it at present 😀

        Btw, might I ask what you are up to these days, post-Alganon?

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